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Designer & Home Staging Expert
An expression of heart and hope where profits are merely an afterthought. Don’t the best things in life always come about in such ways, personal dreams born of caring? Rising like butterflies from the soul floating out of an eternal well of goodness found deep in each of us.

The first home I ever staged would appear out of place set against my later work. A humble home staged on a shoestring budget, yet it laid the foundation upon which I built my career. It began one night as my grandmother, with tears in her eyes, gave me some heartbreaking news. Her home, the nest egg of her retirement, was not expected to sell for even its appraised value. My mind knew the truth, the market had fallen recently, but my heart would have none of it. I would help her, as she helped me so often before. Many sleepless nights passed as I searched my sadness for an answer. And just as all seemed lost, like some long ago whispered prayer, I was graced with an idea!

For as long as I could remember, my homes had been the envy of friends and family. Not because they were the largest, or most extravagant. No, my homes had always glowed with the passion and commitment I invested in their design. I had spent countless times, imagining how best to highlight each home and then countless more hours searching out those perfect pieces to bring my vision to life. If I could bring my grandmother’s home to life and infuse it with the same passion I had in my heart, how could the value not be driven upward?

Propelled forward by hope and a granddaughter’s love, I burst full force into the world of Home Staging and Re-design. It was the start of a lifelong journey for which I am eternally grateful. I went on to study at the finest schools, learning from the best instructors in the industry. I wove the many lessons and experiences into a tapestry of success. My acclaimed projects and awards brought me to the forefront of my profession. Today, I am blessed with a portfolio full of successful projects and satisfied clients beyond anything I could ever have hoped for.

Still, in those quiet moments when I am searching for inspiration, when I need to tap into my passion and creativity, I always find myself transported back to the same place. I see my grandmother’s face, alight with joy, as she tells me her home has sold for a far higher price than any of us had hoped. I recall the relief in her voice, her retirement secured. Here, I find my passion, what drives me. This is the part of me I bring to every project, the small part of my heart I hope to infuse into every home I have the privilege of staging. I am driven by a true passion for my work, but what I love most is when my client sees their dreams become reality. In such a moment, I feel truly blessed by my work.

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